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The Best KABOOM! Cards to Collect: Top 10

Let’s check out the best Kaboom! cards ever. Whether it’s football, soccer, or basketball, Panini’s Kaboom! insert set features some of the most desirable modern cards for collectors to chase. Typically released at a rate of one per case, they’re especially rare, and the majority are valuable. Instantly recognizable thanks to a unique design, it’s proof that you don’t always need an auto or a serial number. Here’s a roundup with 10 of the best KABOOM cards to collect, in a range of different

Downhill ★★★☆☆

Of all the Valentine’s Day film releases in the US this year, Downhill was an odd one. A remake of 2014’s slightly obscure Force Majeure, the story centres around a couple whose marriage begins to fall apart after the husband leaves his family to die in a split-second decision. It hardly seems like the best subject matter for spending quality time with a loved one, but it’s presented as a black comedy at first. After all, Billie (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Pete (Will Ferrell) make up the mai

Like a Boss ★★☆☆☆

Like a Boss is embarrassing at times. Essentially, it boils down to, “wow, they’re so different” ad infinitum, with shouted insults and half-baked jokes to pass the short runtime. They’re friends, then they’re not friends, then they decide that they’re friends again. Simple enough. Of course, you can strip down most movies to a base concept to make them appear worse than they actually are, but Like a Boss was never trying to win critical acclaim in the first place. It’s just trying to be funny,

Fantasy Island ★★★☆☆

Blumhouse has been somewhat successful with their plans to dominate the horror landscape. With the majority of their films being produced on a tight budget, the hits pay for the stinkers, and they all combine to form an enticing package of movies to sell on to international broadcasters. On the other hand, this means that for every Creep, there’s an Ouija (6% on Rotten Tomatoes), so you’re forced to wait and see during the first half-hour. Forebodingly, the opening scene of Fantasy Island

One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows ★★☆☆☆

A One-Punch Man arena fighting game doesn’t make much sense conceptually. After all, Saitama should be able to beat anyone with a single blow, so how do they get around that tricky hurdle? Cleverly, he’s used as a timed limit-break, popping into the fray after a minute or so to deliver a tried-and-tested Normal Punch that will instantly KO any other fighter. Drawing from the popular anime and manga series, you create your own hero as you attempt to move up the ranks to S-Class. The story s

Dolittle ★★★☆☆

It feels like all I ever do is review remakes or reimaginings of stories that were far better when I was younger. Am I so out of touch? No, it’s the filmmakers that are wrong. Imagine you’re Robert Downey Junior, moving on from one of the biggest cinematic experiences the world has ever seen. Like Keanu Reeves after The Matrix, or Daniel Radcliffe when he finally set down his wizard robes for good. There must be a sense of confusion, while a lack of direction is only to be expected after a proj

1917 ★★★★☆

At its heart, 1917 is a film about the horrors of war. No more, no less, it’s a cold look at life during WWI, with a dose of action and the trappings of a thriller to keep the heart pumping throughout. Lance Cpl. Schofield (George MacKay) and Lance Cpl. Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) are tasked with travelling over no-man's land in an effort to stop 1600 of their fellow soldiers from walking into a German trap. They’re given little to no chance of success before setting off on their suicide missi

The Gentlemen ★★★★★

The Gentlemen is Guy Ritchie’s latest attempt to glamourise the seedy side of London life, with a tale of villianery that generally manages to match up to the earlier outings in his portfolio. It might not be his magnum opus, but it’s close to his stylish best. Framed as a conversation about a script between a bent private investigator and a mid-level gangster, Fletcher (Hugh Grant) and Raymond (Charlie Hunnam) discuss the recent exploits of Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) in The Gentlemen

The Call of the Wild ★★★★☆

With a bit of skill and knowhow, CGI can be used effectively to enhance a movie, allowing the audience to see a spectacle that could never happen in reality. Think Planet of the Apes, which saw former Cirque du Soleil performer Terry Notary excelling as the dominant Rocket. Strangely, The Call of the Wild decided to task Notary with playing a dog (Buck) that makes up the focal point of the film and throws a 77-year-old Harrison Ford into the mix to form an unlikely duo. An ape is one thin

Lionel Messi Rookie Card - Best 3 Cards and Investment Outlook

Here is our first soccer rookie card write up! We have been receiving many requests to expand into soccer cards… so what better way to “kick it off” than with the best soccer player on earth!… keep reading to learn which Lionel Messi rookie cards are ideal for your sports card investment portfolio. The skills of Argentine playmaker Lionel Messi (06/24/87) are legendary, even as he enters his 18th season as the talisman for Barcelona. A clear leader on the pitch, he helped his team to an incre

7 Most Valuable Baseball Cards from the 1990's

The 1990s were a strange time to be a baseball card collector. The hobby has never been more popular, while sets were expanding into crazy territory. The problem is, the first half of the 1990s were marred by the junk wax era, which is considered to have lasted from 1987-1994. During this period, it’s estimated that companies were producing three times as many cards as they had previously, fueled by greed and ever-increasing public demand. The era was ended by the baseball player’s strike of 1

PSA Grading vs Beckett Grading vs SGC Grading (Massive Guide and Review)

The grading market continues to grow each year, with collectors and investors keen to find out the value of their assortment of trading cards. Of the many grading options available, PSA, BGS, and SGC are three of the best and most reputable, but which is better, and what are the differences between the three? The modern card market is dominated by marvels like online auctions and virtual collections, but the process of getting an item graded is the same as ever. You’ll need to send over the c

Alan Pardew: ADO Den Haag relegation fight | FTN

Alan Pardew took charge of Eredivisie side ADO Den Haag in December 2019, tasked with staving off relegation for the unfancied Dutch team. Based in The Hague, their form leading up to the appointment was criminal. Pardew’s first role since being sacked by West Brom in 2018, how did he fare in the following months, and did he manage to keep them up? (SPOILER - Kind of.) From touchline antics with David Meyler, to ‘that’ dance, it’s easy to find sticks to beat Pardew with if you take the time to

PPG and the Football League | FTN

If the points-per-game (PPG) system is used to decide promotion and relegation in the Football League, who will be the biggest winners and losers all the way from the Championship down to League Two? Economic uncertainties have certainly hit the Football League hard in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, and there’s no sign that it’s about to let up. With no discernible form of income, teams can’t afford the myriad of medical costs that form a projected £8 million bill for coronavirus testin

Premier League: season 19/20 to resume | FTN

A number of recent reports suggest that Premier League players have been told to be ready for training at the end of May. According to ESPN sources, EFL games will be played from June 6 onwards after an initial three-week preseason starting on May 16, which fits the rough schedule mentioned above. Football might be awakening from its slumber in the lower leagues of England, but with the 20 Premier League teams set to have a video conference on Friday, what's the timeline looking like for a ret

Coronavirus: Barnet FC under financial pressure | FTN

Broadcasting the Premier League is worth mega-money worldwide, and they’d do anything to ensure that games continue to be shown as normal. They did try to muddle on for as long as possible following the outbreak of Covid-19, until Mikel Arteta’s infection brought the stark reality of the situation to the fore. With the news that league football was to be stopped completely, Barnet Chairman Anthony Kleanthous made the decision to lay off all 60 of his non-playing staff, citing the coronavirus a

Glenn Tamplin - controversial owner manager of Romford

I’m not a magnate by any means, but I can empathise with Glenn Tamplin to an extent. After all, what football fan wouldn’t want to own their local club, having a chance to live out your best seasons of Championship Manager in real-life? Tamplin went a step further than most and quickly installed himself as the manager at Romford FC after purchasing the club in November 2019, making it the second time he’s done so after a similar stunt at Billericay Town. Seen as the worst team in the league at

Aleksandar Mitrović: past, present & future | FTN

Aleksandar Mitrović is tearing up the Championship, and recently returned from a minor injury to keep up his goal scoring efforts for a Fulham side vying to get back into the Premier League at the first time of asking. Will the £40m man be able to take the Lilywhites to the top flight, and do they have any chance of holding onto him in the long-term? Many strikers vow to take up the mantle of Alan Shearer when they sign on the dotted line as Newcastle’s number nine. Mitrović was no different,

Future For Wycombe Wanderers? | Summary of Season 19/20

Currently third in League One, Wycombe Wanderers lie in 18th when you look at the form table over the past ten weeks. It’s a feat in and of itself, but what’s going to happen to a side that nobody considered as real promotion candidates at the start of the season? Will they continue to slip down the table towards irrelevance, or will Gareth Ainsworth’s men be able to find a second wind as they fight for a spot in the Championship? Ainsworth has managed the team since September 2012, leading th
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